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Why would I book through Firefighter Getaway?

Firefighter Getaway is your one stop travel shop for all Firefighters, EMS, Police & other emergency personnel. We also include all retired members, support staff and their families. Our goal is to be your full-service travel agency solution. Our extraordinary level of service makes an amazing travel experience, it eliminates hassles and gives you a greater peace of mind. Whether planning a cruise, an all-inclusive or you want to join our annual firefighter cruise, we believe an infectious, can-do attitude is the only way to ensure the best results every time.


Why Use a Travel Advisor?

Complimentary itineraries
We do NOT charge booking fees.

We do it all!

We can book your land, air, cruise, accommodation and activities.

Customized itineraries

Each complimentary itinerary is tailor made to suit your budget, travel dates and interests.

Travel specialists

We are well traveled, experienced professionals with over 30 years experience in the travel industry.

Cruise Planner Specialists

Why you should consider using a travel agent

  • Personalized planning: Whether you prefer to do your own research or want someone to guide you, when you collaborate with a travel advisor your trips will be customized to your needs, style and budget.

  • Your travel agent brings you destination expertise, hotel rates and airfares at great rates, all-in-one package deals, and exclusive specials and promotions. Helping you determine how your budget can determine your travel options is just one of the benefits that come with working with a professional.

  • Global expertise and connections: As professional travel advisors, we develop relationships with local experts in destinations around the world. Those personal connections allow us to arrange unique experiences that are not available to the public.

  • Value for money: Our vacation travel advisors have access to the same (and often better) pricing than what you can find online. We can make sure you are paying the best available pricing for your travel requirements. 

  • Peace of mind: Your travel agent is there for you before, during, and after your trip. You can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your trip has been meticulously planned and expertly coordinated. And that bonus peace of mind comes at no extra charge.

The internet is a convenient resource to research and book your own travel but when you book a flight or hotel reservation through an online-only provider, you’re on your own as soon as you complete the transaction. With comprehensive service from us, we strive to meet your every travel need from the moment you contact us until you arrive back at home.

What kind of vacations can you book?  

We can book travel anywhere you wish to go, we are also cruise planner specialists.


What is a Cruise Planner Specialist?

Cruise Planners is an award winning company that specializes in cruise and land based vacations. We are a travel agency that is part of the Cruise Planners large network of travel specialists. To be a member of Cruise Planners we are recognized as providing quality personalized travel advisory services, best value options, value-added benefits and amenities for our clients.


Does it cost anything extra to book through Firefighter Getaway?

No, we do not charge a booking fee and there is no membership fee.

I want to book a holiday but I'm not sure exactly when or where, can I call you to see what you think?

Absolutely - call and we can discuss your options to suit your budget and time requirements.

Call us today and open a world of affordable vacation options for you and your family. There is no membership required. We wanted to develop and dedicate our site to the Fire & EMS Community and thank you for your service and dedication to your communities.

Try us today!  Call 1877.628.7743 or contact us via the website.

The booking process is easy and we do not charge a booking fee.

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