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All the providers below are current or retired small USA military and public service businesses.  Please support your local brotherhood.  To have your business listed please email
Thrash and Clang

Thrash and Clang

We are a small veteran owned business offering design and powder coating services. TAC sells both premade items you will find here or on our Instagram page: @Thrash_and_Clang. We are well known for doing custom tumblers to the max. also offering powder coating services on a variety of items. Anything from knucks, trays, bullet casings etc. We work on projects from 1 cup to a 100. Send us a message to build your next cup or adding color to your metal items!

Daytona Detailing

Daytona Detailing

Auto detailing done right.

Offering a full range of services from exterior and interior cleaning.

Serving the Northern Virginia Region.

Fishing Rod

Murry's Fly Shop - Fly Fishing

Learn to Fly Fish! Retired Firefighter runs this awesome Fly Fishing Business.

Get outside and experience the beautiful streams and rivers of Virginia. .  Murray’s Fly Shop – Fly Fishing Gear and Tackle: We have been in the business of helping folks just like you enjoy the world of Fly Fishing since 1962.  Fly Fishing Virginia for four generations.  Fly Fishing is our passion and sharing our passion with others has provided an enjoyment not often matched in our busy, fast paced world. Slow down and give us a call or better yet, slow down a little more and stop by.

Scuba Lessons

Aquatic Adventures Scuba Academy

Owned and Operated by VA Firefighter

Aquatic Adventures - Northern Virginia Premier Dive Center-Scuba Lessons-Equipment-Travel

If you want friendly, expert advice for your Scuba Diving Training, Scuba Equipment and Scuba Dive Travel needs in Alexandria Northern Virginia, Come out and meet our friendly staff!

Mutual box custom leather

Mutual Box Custom Leather

Mutual Box Leather can offer you the following:

Custom Radio Straps $50 & Up

Adjustable Radio Straps $55 & Up

Radio Cases $30 & Up

Helmet Identifiers $25 & Up

Helmet Band $30 & Up

Fire Glove Holder $20

Anti-Swap Strap $20

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