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Public Safety Cruise FAQ's
Answers to some of your questions!

When is the cruise?

19th January 2019, for 7 nights.  Returning 26th January 2019.

How much is the cruise?

  • An inside cabin is from $1090.05 pp

  • Balcony cabin from $1410.05 pp

  • Mini-suite from $1520.05 pp

Pricing is subject to availability, includes cruise and taxes and includes 2 inclusions.

What are the inclusions?

You can choose from 2 of the following inclusions:

  • Amenities Guide Ultimate

  • Beverage Package*

  • Prepaid Service Charges*

  • Internet Package**

  • $50 per port shore excursion credit**

  • Dining package*

* 1st and 2nd guest only

** per cabin

Which one are the best inclusions to pick?

This is a personal choice but for more information on each inclusion contact Firefighter Getaway

Where does the cruise leave from?


Do you book tickets for us to get to Miami too or do we do that ourselves?

If you need help to get yourself to Miami for the cruise or any pre cruise or post cruise hotel nights, please contact Firefighter Getaway and they can assist you.

Can I bring my family and or friends with me, or is it only for firefighter, police and EMS personnel?

The courses are for firefighter, police and EMS personnel but the cruise itself is perfect for bringing the whole family along.

Is the cruise kid friendly?


Do I have to do the courses or can I come along and cruise?

You can come along and enjoy the cruise without doing any of the courses.

Do I have to do ALL the courses or can I pick which ones I want to do?

You can pick and choose which ones you want.

How many CEU's could I earn if I do ALL the courses?

You can earn up to 16 CEU's pending approval.

After I have completed the CEU's do you give us a certificate?


What courses are there to choose from?

You can find out more information about the courses here.

Can I pass this cruise information on to a friend working in this area?

Yes please do, the more the merrier.

Is this going to be an annual event where you do a cruise or a trip and we can earn CEU's?

Yes, that is what we are planning.

How much deposit is required if I pay now to secure a booking?

Norwegian Cruise Line booking requirements for deposits range from $50 to $250 depending on the deal of the day. 

When do I have to make the final payment?

The final payment is due 9/15/2018

How do I register for the cruise and ask more questions?

Contact Firefighter Getaway and we can answer your questions and help you out with plans.

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