About Firefighter Getaway

We created Firefighter Getaway to share our passion for travel and to help our extended family in the Fire & EMS Communities throughout the United States.  While working and volunteering in the firefighter community we came in contact with many people wanting travel information, advice and booking help.  We know everyone needs a break from work to unwind and recuperate. Setting up Firefighter Getaway is a great way for us to help more people than we can reach in our local firefighter community.  We love to travel and helping others to do the same is very rewarding.  

Our mission statement is simple...


“You work hard for others so let us work hard for you, we have your back.”
Meet the team at Firefighter Getaway

Mandy is a full-time Travel Manager/Owner and has been in the travel business for over 29 years. Originally from Australia, Mandy has been traveling the world since the age of 17.  There aren't many places she hasn't been.  In Mandy's spare time you can find her at her local fire and rescue department volunteering as an EMT on evenings and weekends. 

Jason has been a career firefighter/paramedic for close to 20 years.  He is currently a Lieutenant in a large metro fire department.  Prior to being a paramedic Jason worked on cruise ships for about 5 years and traveled the world visiting many exciting locations.  There’s not too many port towns that Jason has not traveled to. His interest in travel hasn’t stopped and if he‘s not working, Jason is thinking about his next travel adventure.  

You may also work with Kemi who has been a travel agent for over 25 years.  Kemi is well traveled throughout the South Pacific, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.   Originally from Texas, you can now find Kemi in the Seattle area.

Manassas, VA, USA

Toll Free: 877.628.7743

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